Heroin's synthetic cousin, fentanyl, is fueling an opioid crisis that has Broward on par for a deadlier year than last year.

Heroin's synthetic cousin, fentanyl, is fueling an opioid crisis that has Broward on par for a deadlier year than last year, which was deadlier than the year before. South Florida mirrors the state, which mirrors the nation, statistics show.   Learn more  
Lethal blends of heroin hitting the streets of southern Palm Beach County may be responsible for a baffling  spike in deadly overdoses

Since January, 453 people were treated for an apparent heroin overdose in Delray, 47 of whom died, according to police. Boynton saw 301 overdoses - and 24 fatalities.

The heroin epidemic prompted Delray police and fire to  go on a hiring spree. They plan to hire four sworn officers and eight firefighters/paramedics this coming year.  Learn more
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Clearbrook Treatment Centers 

Since 1972, Clearbrook Treatment Centers - a 501(c)3 not for profit organization located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania - has been providing effective treatment programs for adults who suffer from alcoholism and/or chemical dependency. 

Clearbrook's drug rehabilitation program is based on the belief that alcoholism and chemical dependency is a disease that needs to be handled with the utmost care.  Learn More  -  Get to know Mark Pisacano by calling  570-823-1171

We believe that each client should be provided with the level of care best suited for him/her as an individual for their own personal addiction. There are various views on the different levels of care and the different names for these levels can be confusing to families trying to place a loved one. 
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 Rock Concerts Puts Recovery In The Spotlight

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Amethyst Recovery Center 

With over 75 years of combined experience, our staff is uniquely qualified to guide you through the recovery journey. Instead of transitioning from one treatment facility to a separate intensive outpatient treatment center, clients will stay with Amethyst for the duration of their treatment.  Learn More 
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Urine toxicology is one of the main focuses of business for Atlantic Biotech, and with the increasing number of pain clinics and drug & alcohol rehabilitation facilities opening here in Florida, the need for rapid turn-around urine toxicology results is clear. Today, LC/MS/MS is the preferred method of analysis for forensic toxicology. Learn More -  Get to know Debbie Falestra by calling 754-222-5150 ext. 309

As the leading research-based clinical diagnostic company dedicated to improving the lives of people, we aim to provide the rapid provision of accurate, comprehensive, and valid test results to our customers. We can test a your sample for a wide variety of drugs and are constantly adding capabilities to detect more compounds and lower concentrations. Learn More - Get to know Lizet Dibernardo by calling 954-732-9817
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Destin Recovery

Destin Recovery is a rehab center in Florida that offers real treatment to people with drug and alcohol addiction problems. We use the various transitional stages of recovery and move them toward being a self-managed individual in control of their own life. Our Drug Rehab Center in Florida incorporates a variety of treatment programs. Ultimately the goal is to focus on learning or regaining life skills that enable long-term recovery and prevent relapse.   Learn More 
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Chooper's Guide 

The concept of Chooper's Guide  was born on a Saturday afternoon in August 2009 on Pemaquid Beach in New Harbor, Maine. Two guys (Tim Cheney and Adrian Hooper), who collectively had been in over 45 substance abuse treatment centers, mental hospitals and detox programs for alcoholism and drug addiction during their former lives, decided that too many drug addicts and alcoholics die or their disease progresses. Learn More
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Rockers In RecoveryŽ - Media; is dedicated to caring the message of addiction recovery through music, news, events, and festivals taking place within and not limited to the clean and sober community. 

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We Are Not A Treatment Program - Since 2008 Rockers In RecoveryŽ is a recovery media based organization. The sole purpose is to provide prevention and education to anyone who suffers with drug addiction/alcoholism. We do this through music, education, and our Recovery Partners.

Violators will be removed from the festival.  Love Of Recovery Music Festival Is A Private Event - All Seeking Great Music & Addiction Recovery Information Are Welcome To Attend; RIR and our security Does Reserve The Right To Refuse Entry To Anyone Deemed A Risk To Recovery Or Security, Or At Anytime During The Event.