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About George-  I was born in Lafollette TN. May 5th 1963. I moved to Jamestown TN the middle of my junior year in high school, until then I moved between Clinton TN and Jameston TN.

My first introduction to music was in Clinton, a friend David Jarrard taught me a few chords on the guitar in early junior high (he seemed to attract girls with that, so I was very interested in girls – the guitar was just a tool J ) The first time playing music got in my blood was when I moved to Jamestown TN.   I had a best friend ( Jeff Crouch – great musician by the way  - check his web site out at  ) who played guitar, and his whole family played. Jeff’s dad, Herb Crouch a great man who died a few years ago, taught me to play the mandolin, and Jeff and I would play for hours and hours on guitar and mandolin... from that time on I knew playing music was not just a hobby for me but a way of life. Jeff’s dad taught me that – he and Jeff were by far the greatest influences in my musical life.

In High School, I began to play the piano in a group, The Southern Comfort Band, and picked up harmonica at some point after high school. I also began to write at this point. I went several years to collage still playing the weekends in several bands around Cookeville TN and Knoxville TN, until deciding to focus on music full time. I was in a local band “Southfork” in Jamestown TN, when Artimus Pyle (the former drummer for the Lynyrd Skynyrd band) moved into town and joined the band.
Artimus brought several other new members in one being Don Taylor who is a Chillbillie !! And the band enjoyed great success.


In 1986 we recorded a song “Coming Home“ that became the state on TN homecoming song (it is still on the web at ). I co-wrote that with a great bass player and another major influence in my musical life Larry Mullinix, we wrote several songs together that the band recorded. The band was on a roll beginning to get press and a following for our original music. In 1987 Lynyrd Skynyrd re-grouped for the reunion tour and Southfork lost Don Taylor and Artimus Pyle, Southfork ended soon after and, I played with various other bands until late 1988 and then decided to take time off to re-group myself.

I changed a lot of things in my life in 1988 and went back to collage to receive a degree in Social Work and, I began to work as an alcohol and drug counselor and became licensed as a counselor. I still work in that field today.

I played a few years in gospel music (Don Taylor was in that picture also) and then returned to my love for blues and southern rock and roll. I met, Teddy Phillips and formed several bands the latest --- “The Chillbillies “  --  basically full contact R&B with a splash of “ classic Rock and Roll “ 

I love to write and record original stuff. I have a wide range of musical interest from Dave Mathews, Train, Allman Bros, Little Feat, New Grass Revival, John Mayer, and The Gaither Vocal Band, anything that is from the hart 

My belief is that music is the truth!! It comes from a place in the soul, the enjoyment of it and the creation of it is pure …. No additives or preservatives... you either feel it or you don’t, and feeling it is all that counts!! I think Herb Crouch told me that or more importantly showed me that in his life, I hope I never forget that.


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