RIR Coffee House - Schedule & Performers

The 24 Hour RIR Cafe - Buildings # 8&9

Friday October 18 at 3pm The RIR Coffee House Opens and stays open for “3 Days Around The Clock” with refreshments and snacks available all weekend.

Featuring Unplugged Sets By: @Stacy Hampton (Singer songwriter) - Doc Holliday (Singer-Songwriter) - CeeFor (Singer-Songwriter) - MiZ (Singer-Songwriter) - Casey Montana Rogers (Singer-Songwriter) - Davis Mitchell (Singer-Songwriter) - George Massengill (Singer-Songwriter) - Drew Preston (Singer-Songwriter and Composer) - Tony Marossie (Singer-Songwriter) and Paul Wilson and Sobriety Unplgged (Singers and Songwriters).

Also Enjoy The Following:

Recovery Speakers Sharing Their Message Of Hope

Open Mic For All Guests (Please Sign Up At RIR Coffee House)

Addiction Professionals Presenting Recovery Modalities.

A cool place to gather have some coffee and talk recovery.


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