Joe Zep’s Recovery Corner - Food, Music, and Health

Joseph Antonelli Stage name Joe Zep (Drummer/Vocals) is a dynamic performer, drummer, songwriter, and entertainer. His boundless energy, charisma, presence, and sense of humor are contagious. His perfect meter, and ability to mesh into any style of music, without trying to overpower it, is what makes  Joe Zep so special. 

Starting the first week in April 2019 Joe will be launching Vlog and blog right here on The RIR Store. The Zep Man has been a part of the Rockers In Recovery For a while now. Joe Zep’s Recovery Corner - Food, Music, and Health Is just that,  and after careful selection and combing the hills and valleys the flatlands and the waterways you felt Joe being Italian could handle all three topics, and speak for an hour. 😀🎥🎤

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