Shawna P. Of The Voice) - Speaker & Performer 2019 RIR Music Retreat


Join Guest Speaker & Performer Shawna P. October  18-20, 2019 at the RIR Music Retreat on Lake Griffin at the Life Enrichment Retreat Center In Fruitland Park, Florida.  



Usher says her voice is like fine wine: Shakira says she is the perfect singer- perfect pitch, perfect tone: Rick Hall of the legendary Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, Ala., defines Shawna P as likely “The best soul singer I have ever heard”; Adam Levine says, “This girl’s just a bad ass,” and George Clinton calls her “The Long Lost Queen of Funk;”

Shawna P has a big voice; and she has the personality to match. Shawna P is as REAL as they come.  Anyone who knows her will tell you, Shawna P is the truth. She is The Queen of the EarthFunk Tribe, The Funk Preacha, Pure Mother Earth Energy. She calls her original blend of music EarthFunk Muzik and refers to her supporters as the EarthFunk Tribe  The best part about her is she never meets a stranger…Ever. She lights up a room with her song and her soul.

 Shawna P is not only a powerful voice, she’s an accomplished singer/songwriter.


In 2013, Shawna P was among 50,000+ hopefuls to audition for Season 4 of NBC’s hit show “The Voice.”She was just another singer vying for her chance at success. Then the big call came! She was flown to L.A. from the Gulf Coast of Alabama (the “other L.A.,” as she calls it,  referring to the moniker adopted by those who hail from “Lower Alabama”) and found herself in Hollywood among 230+ hopefuls.  Then, after executive auditions, the contestants were whittled down to 130, prepped and ready to sing their hearts out to the backs of four big red chairs, that respectively seated four current mega stars in the music industry ( Blake Shelton, Usher, Shakira and Adam Levine of Maroon 5). The unique grit and power of Shawna P’s voice turned two of those big red chairs-- Adam Levine’s “You have a voice on you. We want what you got.”and Shakira’s-- landing her a spot on Season 4 of The Voice.  Needless to say, Shawna P’s life changed forever. She would be singing on the #1 television show in America, NBC’s “The Voice,”and the world would finally hear what her fans have been enjoying for years.  

 America immediately fell in love with the Southern funk,soul rocker from Alabama and so did international superstar Shakira, whom Shawna P strategically chose as her mentor.  As Shakira said, “Your voice needs to be on the radio today. YOU are exactly what we are missing. You have so much rock and roll inside of you,” Shawna P did not disappoint her fans or her coach, charting in the Top 200 on iTunes,  and gracefully beating out the competition to make it to the top 32-- out of 50,000 singers who initially auditioned for the show.

 Shawna P confidently yet humbly began pulling at our heartstrings with her raw, emotional style of singing and, seemingly effortlessly, cast her own enchanting web of southern grit and flavor on classics from The Black Crowes, Janis Joplin and Paul McCartney (Shawna P, on the other hand, brought an almost religious fervor to “Maybe I’m Amazed” that unearthed a bluesy, world-weary side of the song I never knew existed- Michael Slezak, If only she could have performed some of her signature EarthFunk Muzik for those coaches, she may well have won the whole competition.(<this last sentence is weird) I like it…

Shawna P has been writing and interpreting her own songs for years and even secured a coveted publishing deal while performing with the Muzik Mafia in Nashville, where she lived and honed her craft for 12 years. While living and performing in Nashville, Shawna P shared the stage with great artists such as Kid Rock, Charlie Daniels, George Clinton, Big & Rich, Gretchen Wilson, James Otto, Scott Weiland (of The Stone Temple Pilots), Donnie Van Zant, Robert Randolph and even recorded a duet of her original song with the legendary Michael McDonald.  

 Since appearing on NBC’s “The Voice,” Shawna P has garnered praise from Rolling Stone magazine- “shawna p mopped the floor with her rendition of  Janis Joplin classic “Piece of My Heart”, People magazine, and E-Online. among others. She even received a personal message of praise and support from vocal phenomenon Kelly Price. More importantly, at the age of 45, she has encouraged people of all generations to never stop dreaming and never stop believing in their dream.

 Out to prove that it’s never too late to become what you are destined to be, Shawna P is revived and stronger than ever. Nowadays, she has her sights set on “EarthFunking” the world.

 She is currently working on her autobiography, writing songs for her new, yet-to-be-titled album project and offering vocal coaching to a lucky few aspiring vocalists. She and The EarthFunk Tribe have plans to perform at music festivals and tour America and Europe as soon as the new album is completed. To see what Shawna P is up to right now, follow the links below:

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