RIR Cafe Music Retreat Stage

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24 Hour RIR Cafe Stage - Building 8&9

Friday October 18 at 3pm Through Sunday October 20 at 3pm The RIR Coffee House Opens and stays open for “3 Days Around The Clock” with cold refreshments and snacks available all weekend.

Throughout The Weekend:

Open Mic Nights:

11:30pm- Friday & Saturday Night - Open Mic For All Guests (Please Sign Up At RIR Coffee House)

Featuring Speaker/Unplugged Sets By:

Shawna P. (Singer Songwriter)

Stacy Hampton (Singer songwriter)

CeeFor (Singer-Songwriter)

Davis Mitchell (Singer-Songwriter)

George Massengill (Singer-Songwriter)

Drew Preston (Singer-Songwriter)

Tony Marossie (Singer-Songwriter)

Peter Manning (Musician)

Kevin St Pierre (Singer Songwriter)

Gregory Fones (Singer Songwriter)

Dallas ALbers (Singer Songwriter)

Featured Topic Speakers:

Joseph Antonelli (Topic Recovery Speaker)

Stephanie Humphries (Topic Recovery Speakers) 

Luis Delgado (Topic Recovery Speaker)

Sam Kesaris (Topic Recovery Speaker)

Nick Cuneo (Topic Recovery Speaker)

Lyle Fried (Topic Recovery Speaker)

John Puente (Topic Recovery Speaker)

Joe Mattioli (Topic Recovery Speaker)

Tim Cheney (Topic Recovery Speaker)

Debi Crist (Topic Recovery Speaker)

Paul Wilson (Topic Recovery Speaker)

A cool place to gather have some coffee and talk recovery.

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