Rocktober Brings The RIR Music Retreat To The Orlando Area. This 3 Day All Inclusive Music and Recovery Weekend Will Bring New Meaning To The Spirituality Based Recovery Retreats.

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 Don’t Miss This 2019 Music Retreat, Reserve Now.
October 18-20, 2019 This All Inclusive 3 Day 2 Night RIR Music Retreat will be held at The Life Enrichment Retreat Center in Fruitland Park, Florida


RIR Website Recovery Media Partners – Member Listing RIR’s sole purpose is to provide prevention and education to families and our communities along with anyone who suffers with drug addiction/alcoholism, we do this through our Recovery Partners. The recovery partners work together as a network to provide the best help available for those in need. Network Members use other network members as resources too, just as if they were at a conformance networking with other professionals.


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Since 2008 – Rockers In Recovery® is a nationwide addiction recovery based media organization. The RIR media platforms we have developed over the last decade, reaches millions of followers, seeking information everyday around the United States.

Rockers In Recovery® – Media; We are dedicated to caring the message of  Recovery Health & Wellness ; We do it through News & Media Website music, news, events, blogs, radio, and live streaming.

By becoming a RIR media partner we promote your organization/company through our many media platforms based on the sponsorship level you decide on. You are also part of a great online community that promotes and shows recovery is possible (hope) as well as educating and helping those in need (help).

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Let’s “Unite to Fight” against the ignorance and stigma associated with addiction! I thank you for your time and consideration.